Working Through The Loss Of A Pet

Posted on Mar 20, 2017 in pet loss


The loss of a pet can be devastating at times, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. As time passes, and you face your grief and loss head-on, the heaviness in your heart will feel a little bit lighter. Pet deaths can be just as upsetting as the death of any other family member or close friend. As you find your way through this loss, here are a few factors to keep in mind.

Don’t Feel Ashamed 
Many times, outside friends and acquaintances may not understand your deep connection to your lost pet. Non-animal lovers may even seem cold and callous to your grief, but do not let negative comments or people make you feel ashamed. The loss of a pet can take its toll on your emotions, just like the loss of a human loved one. Don’t feel ashamed for your feelings. Don’t hide away in fear of judgment for your sadness. You are allowed to grieve and feel sadness however is best for you.

Others may not understand because they either don’t have a pet of their own or cannot appreciate the level of companionship and love provided by a pet. If this is the case, you may find that the best support for your grief will come from outside of your typical circle of family and friends. You may even want to attend a pet loss support group or call a pet loss hotline.

Grieve and Share Your Stories 
The first thing to remember is that everyone grieves differently. Grief often occurs in stages, and may include feelings of denial, guilt, anger, and depression. Many people eventually reach a level of acceptance, but some do not. The lows may be more intense at the beginning and then become less intense as time goes on. But even years after a loss, you may find that certain sights, sounds, and dates spark memories that trigger grief.

Understand the Grieving Process

Many times, talking with someone who is understanding of your grief and loss is a great way to work through your pet’s death. Hiding away from the world may be part of your grieving process, but don’t let yourself get caught up in negative memories or thoughts. Focus on the happy times and memories you have, rather than your pet’s last moments or sickness. Your pet would be the one to comfort you during your sadness, and they would not want you to be sad over them for long.

Maintain a Routine
Routines can help ground you after a loss. It can also be ideal to integrate exercise into your routine if your doctor recommends it. Exercising will boost your vitality and help you connect with others. Taking a walk to a nearby park can also give you a chance to interact with other people’s pets, which can be soothing after your loss.

Memorialize Your Pet 
There are many ways you can honor the memory of your beloved pet after experiencing a pet death. You might inter them at a pet cemetery, or keep their remains in a decorated pet urn. There are several memorial products for pets, from memento boxes to pendants, to help keep your lost loved one close to your heart.

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