When you lose your most beloved companion, it brings out feelings that can be very difficult to deal with. The unique and lasting bond between you and your pet deserves very special treatment. We believe in providing the bereaved pet owner compassionate assistance with their pet’s final arrangements. Paw_Prints_Cremation_box

Pre-Need Planning

Some families choose to make funeral arrangements for their pet prior to the time of need. Simply call Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery and Crematory for an appointment to discuss your choices and to establish a pre-payment plan. Taking care of the details now will relieve some of the stress that inevitably occurs immediately after the death of your pet.

Ground Burial

Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery offers a complete line of caskets, vaults and bronze or granite memorials for ground burial of your pet. Prices vary with selection.


For those who desire cremation for their pet, both private and communal cremations are available.

All private cremations include a cedar box with a gold colored nameplate with your pet’s name engraved on it or a plastic burial box. In addition, we also have many unique urns available. Again, price will vary with selection.

All communal cremations are buried in the cemetery and provided with a marker.

Mausoleum Entombment & Niches

We offer a stand alone Mausoleum constructed of South Dakota mahogany granite. The mausoleum holds both full body entombments and entombment of cremated cremains.

Funeral Home

We also feature a Stateroom for viewing and a Casket Selection Room with a wide range of caskets and cremation urns.

Pick Up

Pick up of your pet can be arranged either through your veterinarian or directly from your residence. For pick up call (817) 478-6696

Honor Dogs and Companion Dogs

As a tribute to their special dedication and loyalty, all Seeing Eye Dogs and “K-9” Dogs may be interred at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery with no charge for the burial space.