Pet Urns

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Rock & Wooden Urns, Cottage Urns, Tower Photo Urns, Figurine Urns, Traditional Urns, Photo Urns, Paw Print Memento chests, and more.

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Cedar Box UrnsCedar Pet Urn with Lock and KeyAny pet
PetScatteringUrnsEco-Friendly Scattering TubesAny pet
K-9 Cottage UrnsCanine Only
Tower Pet UrnsAny pet
Precious Kitty Cat UrnsFeline only
Outdoor Rock Pet UrnOutdoor Rock Pet UrnsAny pet
Photo Pet UrnAny pet
Traditional Pet UrnTraditional Pet UrnAny pet
Paw Print Memento ChestAny pet
Figurine UrnsFigurine Pet UrnsAny pet
Paw Print Vase Pet UrnPaw Print Vase Pet UrnAny pet
Elite cozy Cat urnsElite and Cozy Cat Resin Pet UrnsFeline only
Black Engraved Pet UrnEngraved Pet UrnsAny pet
Shiny Brass Pet UrnShiny Brass Pet UrnsAny pet
Classic Bronze Pet UrnsClassic Bronze Pet UrnAny pet
Classic Brass Pet UrnsClassic Brass Pet UrnsAny pet
These beautiful Classic Pewter Pet Urns urns come in five sizes.Classic Pewter Pet UrnsAny pet
Mother of Pearl Pet UrnsAny pet
Radience pet urnsOriginals Brass Pet UrnsAny pet
Earthstone Pet UrnEarthstone Pet UrnAny pet
Lotus Heart Pet UrnsLotus Heart Pet UrnsAny pet
Kitty Cloisonne pet urnKitty Cloisonne Pet UrnFeline only
Floral Cloisonne Pet UrnFloral Cloisonne Pet UrnAny pet
Going Home Cloisonné Pet UrnGoing Home Cloisonne Pet UrnAny pet
Everafter Pet UrnEverafter Pet Urn CollectionCanine or Feline