Pet Mourning Is Real: Why You Should Let Yourself Grieve for Your Pet

Posted on Sep 4, 2017 in pet loss

When a human family member dies, the bereaved family often receives an outpouring of condolences and demonstrations of social support. This is as it should be, but unfortunately, the same social support is often lacking for bereaved pet parents. A pet death is always a tragic occurrence from which many people have difficulty moving forward. After the loss of your companion, you should give yourself the time you need to feel your grief.

Pets are family members.

The bond between a pet parent and a companion animal is unlike any other. Pets are much like children in that they rely on their human families to meet their every need. In return, they provide unconditional love that lifts the spirits and brightens the darkest of days. Your animal was a non-judgmental listener who was always there for you. You could count on your pet to provide a furry, scaly, or feathery hug when you needed it most. And now that your beloved animal is gone, you need to let yourself grieve. The gradual healing process can only progress when grief is allowed to naturally develop.

No two pets are alike.

Every pet parent makes his or her own choice regarding whether to adopt another pet or not. Even if you do adopt the same species and breed of pet, you should not feel guilty for trying to “replace” your lost companion simply because no animal is replaceable. Every pet has a unique personality to be cherished. If the time is right to adopt again, reassure yourself that giving another needy pet a loving home is what your lost companion would have wanted you to do.

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