"Honoring your pet with loving care. "

Family owned and operated since 1996 - serving all of DFW and the surrounding areas.


Siren, Director of our Welcome Team

Family owned and operated by the Garrison Family, we are a full service perpetual care pet funeral home and cemetery, complete with a State Room for visitation. Located in Fort Worth, we serve the entire DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas and pickup six days a week, from both homes and clinics.



We grieve over the death of a pet. This reaction is only natural. Our feelings towards pets are so special that experts have a term for the relationship, the human-companion animal bond. When this bond is severed, the sense of loss can be overwhelming.

Burial Services


Ground burials at Faithful Friends Pet Cemetery is an option which is arranged in much the same way that you would arrange for the burial of a human member of the family. Typically, you begin by selecting a burial site where you would like your pet to be put to rest.